We're The Millers

A Photography + Videography Team Bringing You A Full Wedding Media Experience

Hey Y'all
I'm Katie Jean

If it wasn't obvious...above anything else I'm a dog lover. I’d like to say I am a “relatable” photographer. Meaning, I’ve seen it all. I get it. I’m cool if you’re cool. I will have your back the entire day and do everything in your interest. Big wedding with 19 bridesmaids, a family that doesn’t get along, and a huge guest list? I can yell at people. Small elopement or maybe just the two of you, somewhere special---I can help you plan it and wake up at 2am with you to adventure somewhere epic. Most of all you can trust me with capturing one of the most important days of your lives. So, let’s be friends. One of my favorite parts about the couples I have met is I still talk to almost all of them! We become close, because you let me in to the most intimate part of your life. I look forward to shooting your anniversary photos. Your kids. Your puppy.

xoxo KJ (Who are we kidding, I'm no gossip girl)

Your Photographer

My promise to you, is I will always make you feel beautiful. Because you are. If you think you aren't good in front of the camera--you haven't had the right photographer. I will be your Kim Possible and your Ansel Adams all in one day.

Hello Lady
I'm Dylan

Aside from trying to keep up with my wife, I am a lover of pizza at weddings and the reception. Watching people dance like fools just brings me some kind of joy. Every time I film couples I sing in my head "You Are, A Cinema" because I feel like that song perfectly encompasses how every wedding day should feel like. I am known as the funny guy in our family, so hopefully I can bring you some fun in laughter as we are working together. Before I met Katie, I literally had never traveled anywhere outside my hometown. Now, travel and adventure is the biggest part of my life and I can't wait to meet new couple on our adventure weddings and personal escapades!

Your Videographer

My goals is to perfectly encompass the "best of the best" moments throughout your wedding day. I am normally the guy creeping in weird places, but trust me it's because I get the best angles.

Our favorite things: Pizza. Elopements. Grooms who like to grab their future wives’ butts. Adventure. Creativity. Artistry. Moody tones. Funny uncles. Mountains. Genuine human compassion. Unique chemistry. True Love.

LOL, That Happened. Swipe for Funny Moments...

The Car Broke Down

Adventure elopement, Blue Ridge Mountains. Meeting up at 3 am to hike in pitch black for sunrise. Couples car broke down on the way up. No cell service! Tip: if I don't see you show up after 10 minutes of our start time, I go on search and rescue. Couple successfully rescued.

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Uncle of the bride was a photographer. Thus, he thinks he could shoot this wedding and I am irrelevant. Stood right in the middle of the aisle taking photos during the ceremony. Tip: I know these types of people. I saw the camera when I showed up. I contracted a cool cousin and told him if I gave him a signal, to make sure said Uncle sits down and puts his camera away. #goals it worked and bride later screamed at him. I didn't miss the shot!

02 - 02

Trail Guide

Experienced Dress Fluffer

Epic Shot Connoisseur

Weird Things Doer ( I Love Peaches)

Lover of Dylan--Adventure Buddy

Random Dancer

Sunrise Hiker

Thumbs Up Giver

Portrait Expert


"The Best Way To Get To Know Someone Is To Walk A Mile In Their Shoes"

Catch up with me from my personal journal

Frequntly Asked Questions



What services do you offer?

Wedding, engagement and anniversary photography for seriously amazing couples. I also occasionally do family sessions and seniors.


Do you shoot film or digital?

I shoot both! Digital is my primary, because not all lighting conditions are ideal for film. I always get a few film shots at every session.


What is your editing style?

I have a darker, moody, ethereal editing style. Rich tones stand out to me and a moody ambiance just feels more intimate.


How long is your turnaround time?

For engagement sessions, 2 weeks. For wedding galleries, 4-6 weeks. You will receive a sneak peak (1-2 photos) within 48 hours of the event.


Do you travel?

YES. I love traveling so much, I sometimes will only charge you the cost of travel. (You read that right). Contact me with your location!


Is this your full time job?

No! I am actually full time in IT. Its one of my first loves, and it allows me to keep my photography as a passion and really give you my all without charging you an arm and a leg. Does that mean I don't give you my all? NO! I put my whole self into my clients.


Can I bring my dog to my session?

If you do, I will give you a hug, and I may steal him/her. Cats and pigs are welcome too.


When should I book?

It depends on your wedding date. Some dates are very popular and book up quickly (September/October and May/June). Rule of thumb is to book at least 6-8 months in advance to secure the date. I only book around 15 weddings per year so they may book up quickly!