September 30, 2018

David + Amanda | Celebrations at the Reservoir


Driving up to Celebrations at the Reservoir is almost like a portal into a magical fairyland of forest, water, and classic charm. The property has 5 different ceremony locations. Yes, 5. And each are stunning. David + Amanda chose the dock overlooking the reservoir.  These 2 gave me brain envy. David is a doctor and professor at John's Hopkins University, and Amanda is a recent graduate and fellow.  From the couple: "I think the best way to describe us as a couple (and one way our relationship is unique) is that we are very different in many ways (such as our cultural backgrounds and many of our hobbies), and yet, we are a terrific fit for each other and are similar in the ways that are important to us, such as the importance of other people in our lives, our shared interest in having new experiences together, and our love of laughter. We have small things we bond over (for example, Amanda always gives David something poop-themed each birthday or Christmas each year, and David is the master of sending dozens to 100s of emojis in one text exchange), and at the same time aren’t afraid to talk about the bigger, more serious topics."