August 15, 2018

We’re The Millers | Part 2

Personal Travel

As I said in We're the Millers Part 1, this is our second day of our 2 day elopement in Colorado. While the first day was intimately special, this day is one that I still can't get over how perfect it turned out. I put in minimal effort in to this day, and it all just worked out. Thanks to Prisma Events Colorado. We got to spend an amazing evening in the mountains with our close friends and my sisters. We had an amazing sunset--one we hadn't seen the whole 2 weeks we had already been out there and perfect weather. One of my favorite parts was our Pinata "wedding cake", which despite Dylan and I's efforts, we couldn't break! Luckily the best man knocked it out. All our decor was DIY, and was loaded up in the back of our Suburban for the drive back home to Virginia. Best of all, we had an amazing photographer for this day, Taylor. Her and I connected on so many levels, and I cried when I saw our album. Taylor Mitchell